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Stainless Steel Coils

Roller Hair Stainless steels can be classified according to their chemical composition and heat treatment responses: ferritic steels that cannot be hardened and contain 15-30 percent chromium and less than 0.2 percent carbon; martensitic steels having carbon hardening and varying ratios of 10 to 18 percent chromium (more than 1 percent on some alloys); austenitic steels with 16-26 percent chromium, 6-22 percent nickel and less than 0.25 percent carbon. Austenitic steels, which can be hardened without water, are the most resistant materials.
  Stainless steel coils from 0.40 mm up to 12 mm thickness with high technology roll slitting line can be slotted with very low tolerance. Sizes are cut and packaged according to customer's request.

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