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630 (1.4542)

630 (1.4542) stainless steel is a quality of stainless steel which is used in our country and in the world more and more with aging, or in other words it is a mixture of chrome and nickel containing austenitic and martensitic stainless steel which is included in the cured hardened stainless steel group. 630 grade stainless steel and other grade stainless steels can provide various benefits according to other grades. One of the most important of these is that stainless steels which are included in this group show corrosion resistance to both austenitic stainless steels and they have the property of gaining highly resistance through heat treatment such as martensitic stainless. The most commonly used quality in this stainless group is 17-4 PH (17% chromium and 4% nickel contained in its name).

Grading Quality Characteristics


General features Point


Corrosion Resistance: The 630 stainless steel has a very good corrosion resistance. This stainless steel grade, called 1.4542, shows almost identical corrosion resistance to 304 grade stainless steel. It does not mean that the corrosion resistance is low.
Mechanical Properties: This stainless steel grade, often referred to as PH 17-4, has very good mechanical values. This stainless steel grade, which is classified as aging hardened stainless steel, is one of the most resistant materials among stainless steels with its breaking strength performance above 1000MPA even without heat treatment. In addition, 630 grade stainless material can be heat-treated, and in combination with heat treatment, the breaking strength of this stainless steel quality can be exceeded in some cases even above 1400MPA.

Vulnerability to be beaten:

This stainless steel quality is more prone to be beaten by the copper it contains.However, 630 grade stainless material is very hard and it is not a suitable stainless steel quality to be beaten due to its hard structure.
Weldability: The quality of the 630 stainless steel is not favored in the welding environment, and it is difficult to find the electrode and welding wire as this stainless steel quality is not so common. However, the welding process can be applied in cases where 630 quality materials are required to be welded.
Machinability of: 1.4542 ie 630 quality materials are external and internal structure is hard. For this reason, there may be some difficulty in machining due to the hardness, but these quality materials go through many processes after the production and these processes are the processes that increase the workability of the materials considerably and Mepa Metal customers have never experienced any problems in this quality material. Heat treatment is recommended for this stainless steel quality which is not a problem for processing although it is hard.
NOTE: Scores are indicated on 5 and are intended to facilitate understanding of the nature of the material. It is only intended to make comparisons between qualities without relying on any value.


Usage areas


630 quality stainless steel, high mechanical strength, high hardness and has a good price-performance ratio, the world is a rapidly growing steel type. 630 grade stainless is frequently used in pump and valve shafts, kitchen appliances, petrochemical industry, chemical plants and stainless steel decoration materials. 1.4542, namely PH 17-4, is one of the areas where this stainless quality is used most frequently in the defense industry. This stainless steel material, which is preferred in defense industry in our country, is used frequently because of its high mechanical values ​​and long life.


630 - PH 17.4 Quality Stainless Steel Bill of Materials (1.4542)
Material Type Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Stainless Steel Rod 6 254
Material Type Min Edge (mm) Max Edge (mm)
Stainless Steel Llama Min thickness: 25mm, max thickness: 100mm Min width: 50mm, max width: 200mm
Stainless Steel Square Min measure: 30x30mm Max measure: 60x60mm




Chemical Composition

Quality C Mn Si PA S Cr NU
630 (1.4542) 0.07max% 1.0% 0.7% 0.4% 0.03max%






Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

Quality 630 (1.4542) X5CrNiCuNb16-4
Tensile strength ~ 1090 MPa
Yield strength, (0.2%) ~ 950 MPa
Hardness, Rockwell (HB) 360 max




Summary of Quality Characteristics

  • 630 (1.4542) grade stainless steel is included in the group of corrosion-resistant stainless steels.
  • The stainless steel of 630 (1.4542) is also named X5CrNiCuNb16-4 according to the EN standard.
  • A characteristic of 630 stainless steels is their good corrosion resistance.
  • 630 grade stainless steel has a very high mechanical strength.
  • The welding of the 630 stainless steel is good.
  • The 630 grade stainless steel is magnetic and attracts magnets.


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