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440M (1.4116N)

440M (1.4116N) quality stainless steel material, which is called the more advanced version of 440B (1.4112) and 440C (1.4125) quality materials and developed by the FRENCH UGITECH factory, has a better corrosion resistance and much better workability when compared to its equivalent. The most important feature of this quality material is that it can rise to very high hardness after heat treatment. 440M (1.4116N) quality material, 440A (1.4112) and 440C (1.4125) quality material AZOT (NITROGEN) was added and developed by FRENCH UGITECH factory. After heat treatment, the hardness of this material which can be approximately 57-60 HRC hardness is close to 420 (1.4034) quality material.

Grading Quality Characteristics


General features Point Explanation
Corrosion Resistance Since this material contains quite a large amount of carbon, it is not very good in terms of its corrosion resistance in extremely extreme conditional environments. On the other hand, 440B (1.4112) and 440C (1.4125) is a material with better corrosion resistance than quality materials.
Mechanical Properties This material has an average mechanical strength prior to heat treatment, but after the heat treatment, the mechanical value of this material can be quite high.
Vulnerability to be beaten Such materials are not suitable for being hit because of the high carbon they contain and are not suitable for such a process.
Weldability Due to its high carbon level, this quality is not a very suitable stainless steel grade for welding.
the machinability With respect to machinability, this material has almost the same degree of workability as the 420 (1.4034) quality material and has better processability than the 440B (1.4112) and 440C (1.4125) quality materials. The high carbon content helps to easily crush the chips of the material and to minimize the sawdust during processing.
Note: The points are indicated on 5 and are intended to facilitate the understanding of the nature of the material. It is only intended to make comparisons between qualities without relying on any value.


Usage areas


This quality material, which is produced as equivalent to 440B and 440C grades, can be used in almost all areas where high surface hardness is desired. This quality material, also called knife material, can be used in all kinds of drill bits where high hardness is required, in medical parts, in places where friction induced wear is present.


440M Quality Stainless Steel Material List
Material Type Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Stainless Steel Rod 5 110




Chemical Composition
Quality C Mn PA S Si Cr B.C N V
440M (1.4116N) 0:48 to 0:55% 1.0% max 0.040% max 0.015% max 1.00% max



0:05 to 0:15% 0:10 to 0:15%




Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

Quality 440M (1.4116N) X50CrMoV15
Tensile strength Min 650MPa (min) - Before heat treatment
Yield strength, (0.2%) Min 350MPa (min) - Before heat treatment
Hardness, Rockwell (HRC) ~ 57-60 HRC (after heat treatment)




Physical Properties at Room Temperature

Features values
Specific Mass (Specific Gravity) 7700 kg / m³
Young's Modulus 215000 N / mm²
Electrical resistance 0.065x10 ^ -6 xm
Heat permeability 30 W / mK




Summary of Quality Characteristics

It is numbered 1.4116N quality stainless according to 440M stainless EN standard.

440M grade stainless is also called X50CrMoV15 according to EN standard.

This quality material is renowned for its hardness of 57-60 HRC after heat treatment.

This grade of stainless steel is added to the martensitic stainless steel class.

These stainless steel grade materials have a workability of up to 420 quality.

Stainless steel magnet attracts this quality. (After heat treatment, the magnetism can go down to lower levels and the material can become magnetless)




440M Quality Stainless Steel Alternatives
QUALITY In which cases can this quality be preferred instead of 440M quality stainless?
440B (1.4112) The 440B quality has a worse corrosion resistance than the 440M quality. The 440B material is more fragile and more expensive. 440M quality can be preferred in the absence of quality.
440C (1.4125) The 440C has a worse corrosion resistance than 440M quality. The material has a much more brittle structure and is more expensive. The quality of 440C (1.4125) can be slightly higher and the maximum hardness can be preferred instead of 440M.
420 (1.4034) This quality material is the highest hardness version of 420 grade stainless steel group. The material can reach very high hardness but its corrosion resistance is not very good and it is very difficult to find this version of 420 quality.
420 (1.4021) This version of 420 quality is the most common 420 quality and can be preferred when less hardness is local (~ 50HRC) or lower cost is desired.


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