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431 (1.4057)

431 stainless steel is a stainless steel quality that includes both chrome and nickel. 431 quality stainless steel is a kind of stainless steel which can be made very high resistance to breakage together with heat treatment. This stainless steel grade is also called 4057 or 1.4057. Standard production of this stainless steel quality is post-production heat treatment, and our company's 431 (1.4057) quality materials are sold as QT800 or QT900 heat treatment. 1.4057 conducts stainless heat well and is suitable for polishing. 431 quality materials have a good surface structure even in hot environment. 431 grade stainless steel is also called 1.4057 quality stainless steel and it can be shown in many media as stainless steel X17CrNi16-2.

Grading Quality Characteristics


General features Point Explanation
Corrosion Resistance The corrosion resistance of this stainless steel grade is very good for many environments. This material has a much better corrosion resistance than the X20Cr13 (420) grade and is often preferred in environments where both hardness and corrosion resistance are desired.
Mechanical Properties 431 (1.4057) stainless steel material is followed by heat treatment and our company Mepa Metal is reaching it in that way. Usually QT800 or QT900 heat treatment in this material that comes with QT next to the figure, this material shows the minimum breaking strength of MPA type.
Vulnerability to be beaten 1.4057 quality material is prone to be beaten a little by nickel, but it is not a stainless steel grade which is very suitable to be beaten due to the carbon it contains up to 0.17%.
Weldability Welding of 4057 quality materials is not recommended, but in some cases welding can be applied to the material.
the machinability Even the hyam state of the material is heat-treated and the surface hardness value (even the materials from the factory) is around 30-32 HRC. Therefore, it is a hard and high strength material and its processing may be a bit more difficult than other stainless steels.
Note: The points are indicated on 5 and are intended to facilitate the understanding of the nature of the material. It is only intended to make comparisons between qualities without relying on any value.


Usage areas


431 grade stainless steels are used in bolt and nut construction, propeller shafts, pump shafts, mixer bars, marine equipment and laboratory equipment.


431 Quality Stainless Steel Material List
Material Type Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Stainless Steel Rod 6 250




431 Quality Chemical Composition of Stainless

Quality C Mn PA S Si Cr NU
431 (1.4057) 0.12- 




431 Mechanical Properties of Quality Stainless Steel

Quality 431 (1.4057) X17CrNi16-2
Tensile strength 800-1050 MPa
Yield strength, (0.2%) 600 MPa




Information about 431 Stainless Steel

431 quality stainless steel can be hardened by heat treatment.
431 quality stainless steel has a good surface structure.
431 grade stainless is also called 1.4057 according to EN standard or X17CrNi16-2.
The corrosion resistance of 431 grade stainless steels is high.
431 stainless steel materials are suitable for polishing.


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