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15-5 PH

15-5 PH (1.4545 - 1.4548) stainless steel material, 1.4542 (630) is a more advanced and improved version of quality stainless steel material. The material, also called S15500, is a material developed for more special places where 630 quality materials are inadequate. 15-5 PH material has better mechanical and pure structure than 17-4 PH material. The microstructures of the UGIPURE15-5PH materials in the Mepa Metal stocks are purified by the slow pouring of the material during the second time casting and the roughness in the contents is minimized. In this way, 15-5 PH materials perform better than 17-4 PH material against both transverse and longitudinal forces.

Grading Quality Characteristics


General features Point


Corrosion Resistance: This stainless steel grade, which is very good in terms of corrosion resistance, is used in places where both high mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance are desired. 630 (17-4 PH - 1.4542) is a second pure casting version of the quality material with 15-5 PH material, which has a slightly better corrosion resistance than 630 grade material. The main reason for this is that the unwanted residues and residues in the material are minimized by a second casting process. As the name suggests, UGIPURE155PH is more pure than the 17-4 PH material and this purity is a factor that increases the corrosion resistance.
Mechanical Properties: This material, which is very strong in terms of mechanical properties, has a better mechanical property than 630 (17-4 PH) material. All 15-5 PH materials in Mepa Metal stocks are heat treated and thus their breaking values ​​are even above 1100 MPA. In addition, this quality material in lateral forces has a homogenous structure and therefore performs better. UGIPURE 15-5 PH materials with homogenous structure are also heat treated and it is possible to see the same mechanical properties at almost all points of the produced parts.

Vulnerability to be beaten:

15-5 PH materials are not suitable for beating, although the content of copper (Cu) materials increases the forging ability. This quality material should not be preferred in the forged parts.
Weldability: This quality material, which is difficult to weld, is not preferred in the places where the dense source is used and it is not recommended to be used in intensive sources.
Machinability of: Due to the heat treatment of the material, 15-5 PH materials are hard and, due to the strong internal structure of the material, 15-5 PH materials have very high mechanical value. Because of these two properties, 15-5 PH materials are difficult to process, but the materials pass through various stages for comfortable processability during production and 15-5 PH materials available in Mepa Metal can be processed better than other similar ones.
NOTE: Scores are indicated on 5 and are intended to facilitate understanding of the nature of the material. It is intended to make comparisons between grades only without relying on any value and the table is prepared by Mepa Metal for information purposes only.


Usage areas

15-5 PH material is the most important and widely used area of ​​the aviation industry. This stainless steel quality, which is produced in accordance with the high standards required in aviation parts, is used in almost every part, especially where very high mechanical value is desired. Aviation, as well as S15500 quality materials are the most commonly used. This quality material, which is also preferred in gear parts and working parts under pressure, is also used in fittings and bolts, especially because it has a homogeneous mechanical property.


15-5 PH Quality Stainless Steel Bill of Materials
Material Type Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Stainless Steel Rod 16 70




Chemical Composition

Quality C Mn Si PA S Cr B.C C Nb TA NU
15-5 PH 0.07% max 1.0% 0.5% 0.025% max 0.005max%

15 to 15.5%

0.50% max 3 to 3.5% 0.15% to 0.45% 0.05% max

4.3% to 5.0%




Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

Quality 15-5 PH
Tensile strength Between 1070 and 1200 MPa
Yield strength, (0.2%) minimum 1000 MPa
Hardness, Rockwell (HRC) 35 to 42 HRC




Summary of Quality Characteristics

15-5 PH (1.4545 - 1.4548) quality stainless steel is included in the group which can be cured by hardening. This material is a specially produced version of the 17-4 PH material, developed with double cast and aviation.

Other commonly used names of PH material are 1.4545, 1.4548, S15500, respectively. All 15-5 PH materials in Mepa Metal stocks correspond to all these quality names.

15-5 PH materials have very high mechanical strength. Mepa Metal 15-5 PH materials, which are both heat treated and double cast, have better mechanical properties than 630 (17-4 PH). In addition, the pure structure of UGIPURE 15-5 PH materials ensures a homogeneous mechanical properties at every point of the material.

15-5 PH quality stainless is not suitable for places where there is a high density.

15-5 PH quality stainless is magnetic and attracts magnet.


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