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Pure 2507 (1.4410)

It is a quality of stainless steel which is 4410 quality or 1.4410 stainless steel or as SAF 2507 stainless steel super duplex. In addition, the most widely used S32750, this super duplex stainless, super duplex materials are among the most widely used and most easily available stainless steel quality. This quality material has very good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties even under very difficult conditions. In order to understand that a material in petroleum and petrochemicals is stainless, PREN numbers are used. The number of PRENDS in the 1.4410 quality super duplex material is quite high. The corrosion resistance of this material is very strong and it is often preferred in places where high corrosion resistance is desired, and where high mechanical strength is desired.

Grading Quality Characteristics


General features Point


Corrosion Resistance: This super duplex stainless steel grade with excellent corrosion resistance has good corrosion and mechanical resistance even under the most difficult conditions.
Mechanical Properties: This super duplex material, which has a very good mechanical properties, is used in high-mechanical properties. Stainless steel grades such as 630 (1.4542) can be used when materials with better mechanical properties are desired, but these materials will be insufficient in terms of corrosion resistance. 904L (1.4539) quality material can be a good alternative in terms of corrosion resistance but its mechanical properties will not be sufficient.

Vulnerability to be beaten:

This type of material which is not very suitable for forging to be metallurgically is not preferred in places where pounded parts will be produced.
Weldability: Welding is difficult for all duplex materials, as this super duplex material is difficult to use and is not recommended for use in intensive welding.
Machinability of: This material is not very easy to process. Mepa Metal, as well as the European origin materials we treat better than similar products, it is very difficult to process this material.
NOTE: Scores are indicated on 5 and are intended to facilitate understanding of the nature of the material. It is intended to make comparisons between grades only without relying on any value and the table is prepared by Mepa Metal for information purposes only.


Usage areas


This stainless steel grade is preferred in places where very high mechanical values ​​are desired and at the same time where high corrosion resistance is desired. Where normal duplex stainless steels (such as 1.4362 or 1.4462) are not sufficient, they are used quite often in places such as oil refineries where better corrosion resistance is required. Oil platforms, chemical production plants, heat exchangers, high corrosion and abrasion, electricity production facilities, where very high corrosion resistance is used in bolts are frequently used. This quality super duplex is the most widely used super duplex quality material. Super duplex material can be preferred anywhere from 1.4410 quality super duplex material. You can contact Mepa Metal for detailed information about this super duplex quality material.




1.4410 Stainless Material List
Material Type Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Stainless Steel Rod 20 110




Chemical Composition

Quality C N B.C Cr NU
1.4410 (S32750 - F53) 0.03% max 0:24 to 0:32% 3 to 5%

24 to 26%

6% to 8%




Chemical Composition

Quality C N B.C Cr NU
1.4410 (S32750 - F53) 0.03% max 0:24 to 0:32% 3 to 5%

24 to 26%

6% to 8%




Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

Features values
Yield Strength (Min) 550 MPA
Tensile Strength (Min) 800 MPA
Percentage of Elongation at Break Min 25%
Hardness Max 310 HB




Summary of Quality Characteristics

1.4410 stainless or super duplex stainless is numbered 1.4410 quality stainless as per EN standard.

1.4410 grade stainless is also called X2CrNiMoN25-7-4 according to EN standard.

This stainless steel quality is super duplex stainless steel quality among the super duplex stainless (1.4410 - 1.4501 - 1.4507) which is the most widely used and most cost effective.

This stainless steel quality has excellent corrosion resistance, and in areas where more corrosion resistance is required, special materials such as 904L (1.4539) grade stainless, nickel alloys and titanium may be preferred.

1.4410 super duplex materials are also referred to as UNS S32750 or F53 or Alloy 2507. In addition, the most frequently used name of this quality material is SAF 2507.

This stainless steel quality can be very difficult to shape and does not come from tattooing and welding.

This quality material is a stainless steel quality which can be processed very hard.

The stainless steel of this quality draws magnets and has good corrosion resistance at the highest level.

For all information regarding 1.4410 super duplex stainless steel materials, please contact Mepa Metal.




1.4410 Quality Super Duplex Stainless Steel Alternatives
QUALITY In which cases can this quality be preferred instead of 1.4410 super duplex quality stainless?
1.4501 Another stainless steel quality between super duplex stainless steel is 1.4501 quality material and this quality material resembles 1.4410 quality in almost all specifications, it can be alternative to 1.4410 quality super duplex material.
1.4507 The 1.4507 quality super duplex material that you can quickly and conveniently obtain from Mepa Metal is more expensive in price than other similar ones, but on the other hand has a slightly better corrosion resistance. UGI4507 is often used in Ugitech Specialties in parts produced especially in aviation and space. In stock, this quality super duplex material is available in certain sizes and can be delivered immediately within the day.
904L (1.4539)

In our inventories, this stainless steel grade between 10mm and 110mm is slightly more expensive than the 1.4410 grade, but it can be a good alternative where extreme corrosion resistance is desired where the magnet is not required. Especially in places with high corrosion and where anti-magnetism is desired, this stainless steel quality which is preferred by Mepa Metal customers is the most widely used area with sulfuric acid.


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